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Healthy Heart | Train your heart healthy!

Healthy Heart

healthy heart

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent cardiovascular diseases? An answer to this question is to train your heart muscle. By training the heart muscle it will make your heart fitter. And the fitter the heart is, the less likely you will suffer from heart diseases. The heart is a muscle and like other muscles, you can also train your heart muscle. The stronger the muscle, the more powerful the blood is pumped through your body. This in turn promotes the functioning of all muscles and organs. But how can you train your heart the best?

Cardio training

The fitness of the heart is measured on the basis of the cardiovascular endurance. You can improve endurance through cardio training. Cardiovascular training improves both the function of the heart and at the same time increases the energy consumption. By training your heart you’re not only improving the function of your heart, but at the same time you’re increasing your energy consumption. This will burn your fat.

Types of cardio training

There are several ways to practice cardiovascular training. Important when choosing a type of training is to look at what suits you best. So look at what you will experience the most fun, but also to what workout suits your body and current endurance the best. Examples of cardio training are:

  • Running;
  • Bicycling;
  • Swimming;
  • Rowing;
  • Aerobics.

To practice a cardio workout the best the advise is to do this three to five times a week for twenty to sixty minutes each time. The intensity and the level of training is different for every individual, and depends on such factors as age, condition and weight. So start slow and work up gradually.