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Lifepak Express AED -Physio-Control (Used)


When you choose for a used Lifepak Express AED from Physio-Control, you buy from us a quality product.

Each used Lifepak Express AED that comes to us is fully inspected by our trained technicians.




Physio-Control LIFEPAK Express AED Package Includes:


• Physio-Control LIFEPAK Express AED (Used)

• Adult QUIK-PAK Pads (1 Set)

• CHARGE-PAK Battery

• 1 Year Warranty




An AED Is an emergency life-saving device that can be used by anyone to restart the heart when sudden cardiac arrset strikes.


The device is fully portable and gives the heart an electical charge to establish a regular heartbeat.



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The Lifepak Express AED is identical to the LIFEPAK CR Plus, with some differences:

• Battery capacity: 20 shocks instead of 30 shocks

• Color black / white (rather than yellow / black)


Available as semi-automatic


The LIFEPAK Express AED is designed for minimally trained counselors, who are often the first persons at the scene of a sudden cardiac arrest.




Why does every second count?


When someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating. Therefore, their brain is starved of oxygen. The longer the brain is left without oxygen, the more mental and physical damage this can cause to the person, if they survive. 


Survival rates drop 7-10% every minute without defibrillation. Quick action can make the difference between life and death.


This is a used quality product. When you buy an used AED or AED accessory we guarantee that you purchase the same reliable quality as with new products. Both our new and used AED products are technically and medically inspected by trained specialists.

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