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What is an AED

What is a used AED ?

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. It is a portable device that can be used on an individual with a cardiac arrest. In an automated manner an electric shock is administered with the aim of reviving the heart. The AED gives the instructions. Because an AED is an easy to use automatic device, it is now possible that defibrillation should be performed not only by professionals but also by other (not medical educated) people.

Used AED for sale by Usedaed

Used AED for sale by Usedaed

What is a used AED ? and why is a used AED just as good as a new one?

An AED is often an expensive purchase. Used (a.k.a. secondhand) AEDs often provide a cheaper solution. When you buy a used AED from you buy the same trusted quality of a new AED, but at a much more affordable price. All our AEDs and batteries are checked before resale by trained specialists.

We offer used AEDs from brands like Physio-Control Lifepak, Cardiac Science, Zoll AED, Medtronic and Philips.