Why should you buy a used AED

Buying an AED is often an expensive purchase, used (a.k.a. secondhand) AEDs often provide a solution. Almost the same and trusted quality, but at a much more affordable price. Used AED sells used AEDs from the Netherlands to both national and international customers.

Secondhand / Used AEDs

A secondhand AED is a portable device that helps to resuscitate using voice commands. The AED has already been used and is therefore already known for its qualities. Used AEDs can be used where an accident has occurred and where people are in medical emergencies. An used AED from Used AED is provided ‘bare’, but we also sell used accessories for the used AEDs.

Types of AEDs

There are several different types and brands of AEDs. There are monophasic and biphasic AEDs, automatic and semi-automatic AEDs and many different brands. The real difference between monophasic and biphasic defibrillation is the way in which shocks are administered to the victim in question. With biphasic defibrillation the same effect as with monophasic defibrillation can be achieved with a lower number of Joules. More information about defibrillation can be read in this blog. The difference between automatic and semi-automatic AEDs is that fully automatic AEDs self-administer a shock, while with a semi-automatic AED the shock button must be pressed by the operator. Read more about this subject in this blog.



Used AED is specialized in the purchase and sale of used AEDs and used accessories for used AEDs. We sell used AEDs from the brands Physio-Control Lifepak and Zoll AED. Click here for the wide assortment from Used AED.

Some of our secondhand Used AEDs